My favorite part of taking a class with Cecilia is how unbelievably relaxed and cared for I feel during and after class. As a result of these sessions, I am now able to connect with the feeling of complete relaxation I achieve during class and recreate it during stressful moments in everyday life. I have taken many similar classes from many different studios/teachers... Cecilia's is my favorite. You MUST try her Urban Zen! It is an absolute gift!

-Nikki B., Physician

After my first class with Cecilia, I felt like all the stress was gone from my mind and body. I felt blissful! The format of the class feels like a relaxation and awareness journey. Since taking these classes, I feel less anxiety overall. Also, I have been able to incorporate some of the techniques in to my life outside of the studio. For example, when I am experiencing insomnia, I will get into a pose that we learned from class and do a body awareness meditation. I'm usually asleep before I get to my toes! You have to try a class!

-Jamie N., IT Professional

Cecilia has a natural gift for teaching in yoga practices. She has an easygoing and welcoming demeanor that puts newer yogis at ease. So many yoga classes can be intimidating; Cecilia is approachable and relatable. Her guidance in mindfulness and intention have helped me to reflect on my own life and to reconnect with my body, mind, and vision for my life.

-Lori M., Social Worker

Cecilia is very intuitive, and each class seems to meet us where we need to be. Her class helps me reboot from the busy weekend for the busy week ahead, punctuating the two with a powerful but not taxing mind-body cleansing. I have been recovering from a concussion, so I needed a class that helped me stretch and relax without aggravating my symptoms. This class has a very similar effect for me as an hour of massage therapy, in terms of chronic headache and neck tension relief. I have been a regular ever since my first class!

-Sarah Grace H., Associate Professor