Private Sessions

Private sessions are a great way to target your unique needs. Sessions can include any combination of the following: mindfulness, yoga, Reiki, pranayama, and aromatherapy. A free 20-minute consultation is included prior to any session to tailor one that is just right for you! Sample focus areas include: reduction in stress and anxiety, reduction in chronic pain and/or tension, improving focus, cultivating ease and relaxation, overcoming negativity and fostering self-love.

Mindfulness Meditation 

Mindfulness Meditation instruction, based off components of the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program (MBSR), provide strategies to lower stress, manage pain, and increase overall happiness. Mindfulness meditation is often offered as complement to traditional medical and psychological treatments and has been proven effective in treating a number of concerns, including, but not limited to: anxiety, depression, chronic pain, fatigue, and grief. Mindfulness increases our capacity to directly experience each moment with greater awareness and compassion.

Reiki +
Urban Zen Integrative Therapy 


Urban Zen Integrative Therapy combines the healing modalities of restorative yoga, mindful movements, Reiki, essential oils, breath awareness, and contemplative care. Urban Zen is uniquely designed to promote a greater sense of well-being, as well as treat the classic symptoms of illness: PANIC™ (pain, anxiety, nausea, insomnia and constipation) and exhaustion. Urban Zen sessions can be customized to address your individual concerns and goals. 

Restorative & Vinyasa Yoga

Private yoga instruction allows you the opportunity to dive into your practice to target specific needs. One-on-one sessions are also a great opportunity for beginners who want to establish a practice and learn proper form and technique in each pose. While both practices offer a unique opportunity to connect with your body and breath; Restorative yoga typically fosters full body and mind relaxation, while Vinyasa fosters increased strength, flexibility and balance. 

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